House of Jensen-Phelps-Pennington Families

The Genealogy of the Jensen/Phelps/Pennington Family


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Now a little reason why we do this. After going through many trials and tribulations I decided to start a hobby. In 1983 I began this project which has lasted over 30 years. This is a portion of our effort to preserve for future generations, family information, as accurately as possible. We have taken as much care as possible to ensure that all the family information provided here is correct, however, we can'tguarantee 100% accuracy. This is why we ask for any input from family members/non-family members.

We are not professional genealogist, we're just people with a strong belief in family. Of course, we have not done this alone. The number of people who have helped us along the way have been numerous. This site is the natural outgrowth of a hobby...a love of, and some might even say an obsession with...Genealogy. We are building a dynamic, ever-growing site.

Lee Jensen was born 27 July 1907 to William Christian and Anne Johanne NielsenJensen. He was born at the family home on Main Street in Albert Lea, Minnesota.Both his parents grew up on farms in Freeborn County and were children of Danishimmigrants. Lee went to school in Albert Lea, graduating from high school in1925. The Depression year 1929 saw him graduate from Carleton College.

Doris Vern Phelps was born at home in Minneapolis, 24 September 1909 under thewatchful eye of her 2nd cousin, nurse Neva Bromley, daughter of Erwin Bromley &close friend of Doris' grandmother Nellie Bromley Phelps. Doris was the firstchild of Louis Thomas and Ann Langseth Phelps.